Winter( iarna ) .. He arrived early winter With storms and attendance With snow bank in fan Semanand flu in people, Junghiuri, cough, cold! It came a bit too soon To let the bad weather With blizzard with snow, Flurries layers of unexpected And the cold is outside, Fuel fire Get, grow and kill us Maintenance on the block! I will feel presidents The councils For example e If the winter is out Or is spring But I and other friends I get rid of re shivering man From the dawn up in the evening! Since the fall in spring winter all-man shaking How bill and parents And we all human teeth chatter! Winter, coming soon! You left with a lot of unexpected The blizzard and snow, And frosts, heavy winter! Today, it’s hard to maintain An apartment block in And can not orisicine Because prices are on fire! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . God, we know that without you Do not move anything in place But our climb gas Not index, but in budgets! Get unequivocal It would be so love I put the gas on fire! Do it God in trouble Just money, not gas For a nation beggar Make God a lower price! …………………………… Răspuns | Răspuns către toţi | Şterge


Despre Sysy

Fara Dumnezeu omul ramine un biet animal rational si vorbitor,care vine de nicaieri si merge spre nicaieri,, (Petre Tutea)
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